The Stress That Comes With College Applications


Matthew Neus, Author

While senior year is full of fun and new opportunities, seniors also have to balance that with college applications and getting accepted into college. Many students have to balance finishing up their senior year while filling out numerous applications for scholarships and colleges. Along with applications comes the SAT and ACT. While focusing on school work, they also have to find time to spend with friends and family before leaving for the next step in their lives. Although this can be a very stressful time in their lives, the ultimate reward is getting accepted into college to start the next phase of their lives.


According to studies, many high school seniors stress over their college admissions and how much a college education really is. But, many schools offer numerous options to help students who are stressed about college, like counselors and support groups. According to Chambersburg High School senior Alex Lapinski, many people have helped him eased the stress of college. When asked about who has helped him handle the stress of college decisions, Alex said, “ I have handled it by talking with my parents, friends, and counselors. They have been able to ease the stress of one of the biggest decisions I will ever make in my life”. 


Although college applications can be stressful and overwhelming, the result can become one of the best moments in someone’s life. If its getting into your dream school or being the first person from your family to ever go to college, getting accepted into college could change someone’s life. It may be one of the most stressful times for a short period of time in someone’s life, but the reward is one of the best news that anyone could receive.