In loving memory of Kobe Bryant

He was a philanthropist, motivator, NBA champion and MVP, an Oscar award winner, a husband, but most importantly, a father. Kobe ‘Bean’ Bryant died on January 26th, 2020 around 9:45 in the morning. He and 8 other people were involved in a horrific helicopter accident which is believed to be caused by bad weather conditions. Unfortunately, Kobe’s second born 13-year old daughter Gianna Maria-Onroe Bryant was also on board the helicopter when it crashed. 

Kobe Bryant lived a prosperous and short life and he was just getting his feet wet in his retirement. Although it ended in such a terrible way he made his mark on this world. Kobe would never be denied and always wanted people to be the best version of themselves. Even if that meant cussing a player out. Kobe just recently retired from the sport of basketball which he played for 20 years. He was arguably one of the best players to ever play the game, mirroring it off of one of the best basketball players to ever play in Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant had no issue passing the knowledge he has learned from his journey on to the younger generation. He firmly believed that a person of his stature, to make a real impact on this world you must influence the next generation. He did just that. He influenced people all over the world, not just in this country. He has touched the lives of so many, and not just athletes. He inspired musicians, politicians, and all of the above. Kobe even continues to inspire people even with his untimely death. Kobe Bryant held a solid grip on countless people at CASHS. When the news broke, I was playing basketball. Everybody stopped at that time and some even broke down crying because he was their idol. Kobe Bryant’s impact will never be forgotten. Although his physical body is not here with us, his spirit will forever be on this earth and with those who love him and I can guarantee you that there are many people who love him at Chambersburg Area Senior High School. Rest in peace to Gigi Bryant, Alyssa Altobelli, John Altobelli, Kerri Altobelli, Payton Chester, Sarah Chester, Christina Mauser, and Ara Zobayan.

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