Yearbook Staff: The “EIC” Sophie Golden

Yearbook Staff: The

Carly Stenger, Author

     The yearbook staff here at CASHS has been working hard all year to bring us our 2019-2020 yearbook. I have interviewed the “eic” of the yearbook staff (the editor in chief) Sophie Golden. 

     Sophie explains her role to me. “I was the only returning person from last year, so, I teach the other kids how to use Balfour. Being the editor in chief is rewarding at the end even though it is stressful. It’s the start of something new. Being the editor takes responsibility, and I am a big planner. I plan out deadlines, I overlook spreads and assist staff members on ideas. I am Mrs. Christopher’s right hand man, we work together as a team.” 

     I went on to ask Sophie what her favorite memory from this school year’s yearbook journey was. “My favorite memory was during the first weeks of school. Mrs. Christopher & I started planning out the cover, fonts, and details of the yearbook. During this time, I was getting to know the new advisor (Mrs. Christopher) who has become such an important person in my life. She is a role model to me. She’s a great person to look up to and I love being able to help her.” 

     Sophie has enjoyed her role as the editor in chief and recommends that next school year, students join the yearbook staff for educational involvement and fun times!