Drama in Barcelona


Colin Castro, Author

In Barcelona, the club is in real turmoil they recently sacked Ernesto Valverde and they recently hired Quique Setié as a replacement. But in recent news, there has been trouble with their star Lionel Messi who has been arguing with Eric Abidal. They were arguing about how Valverde was sacked, and Messi who was always by the coaches’ side defended him.
Now the news is speculating that Messi will make a move out of Barcelona because with the recent struggles with the club and their recent seasons he might make a big-money move to Manchester City. Barcelona hasn’t won a champions league trophy in five years, and with the comeback that Liverpool made last year with Trent Alexander Arnold’s corner kick, the club has a lot of pressure riding on them.
Manchester City is a favorite to get the six-time ballon dor winner because of how much money the club has. City has won the premier league the last couple of seasons but with Liverpool being unbeaten and seeming like they won’t lose a game it might be time to bring in some firepower. That is where Messi comes in because even though Messi is thirty-three years old there is no doubt that he is if not the best player in the world then he is definitely up there.