Tesla Oppurtunities

Guillermo Kaempfer, Journal Boy

Tesla is responsible for some of the most advanced cars made with a variety of unique developments. As of recently Elon Musk announced the want for more A.I. developers to work under him and help make more advancements. The A.I. is some of the most revolutionary developments for a car as it includes the feature Tesla Autopilot. What this feature does is essentially drive the car for the person allowing them to just sit. Along with the ability to manage so many of the car s functions directly from the panel. Overall, the A.I. is a staple of the car all together which is why asking for more developers is such an opportunity for many.

What made the announcement stand out more was how Elon Musk stated he had no interest in degrees. Not only does this open up the opportunity to many people who either couldn’t get a degree but also people who don’t have a degree in that field. Many people don’t end up getting college degrees due to personal or financial issues that stand in a way. As a result, the announcement that Elon Musk was not looking for any specific degree broadened who was available for employment by a wide margin. On the other hand, there can also be people who majored in something they lost passion for and now have the chance to immerse themselves into A.I. development without paying for more years of education.