Into the Woods We Go!

Natalia Nice, Writer

Written by James Lapine, “Into The Woods” is a riveting play that takes the characters, followed by their character archetypes, from all of your favorite fairy tales and intertwines their storylines so that each character is connected. Not only does this play have acting, it also has many musical pieces, composed by Stephen Sondheim, that bring liveliness to the performance. The show starts by introducing some of the different fairy tales that are in the musical. Then it goes on to explain why each of them is going into the woods. Following that, it introduces the baker and his wife, who are struggling to get pregnant. A witch then comes and explains that she has cursed their family so that they won’t be able to have children. The witch tells the couple that she will reverse the curse if they get her the ingredients for her potion. The rest of the musical is about their journey to get those things and what follows once they do. To get the perspective from the cast members on what it’s like to play these very popular fairy tale characters, we sat down with two seniors by the names of Sydney Wenger and Katie Truman.


To start us off, we got together with one of our seniors, here at CASHS, Sydney Wenger. If you don’t happen to know already, Sydney is heavily involved in our school’s music department. Whether it be our drama club, or our musical theory classes, or even our very own marching band. Her passion for music is constantly applied to her performances and efforts. To begin the interview, she explained her thoughts going into the play, “The past three years I have only been ensemble, so I was anxious as well as excited because this was my last shot at a good role.



I worked really hard on the audition, so I was confident in myself, but I still had nerves because it was still an audition.” She further went into what it felt like to finally find out that she will be playing the role of Cinderella, “I got a really good role, so I was extremely excited when I saw the cast list. I have been wanting this role ever since he announced the show we were doing.”