No More Perks to being 18


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Kristalyn Reilly

Eighteen, the age where you are too old to be considered a kid but too young to be treated as an adult.  There are not too many perks to being eighteen anymore other than the fact that you can now get tattoos and piercings… oh yeah and we can get married, but let’s be honest none of us are ready for marriage. We can also enlist/ fight for our county, in other words the government trusts us to fight and put our lives on the line but not to drink or smoke… sounds a bit unfair. 


Turning an adult at eighteen can be a big transition and added stress. Most go from living with mom and dad and going to high school to later that year going to college, or some form of getting a further education or getting a more serious job. Of course with this major change comes a lot more responsibilities which can be scary for a lot of teens. For example starting college and paying for it along with stressing about how you are going to pay for it; if you are going to live on campus, off campus, or with your parents; how much your other expenses are going to cost; the amount of debt you will have after school; and If you can pay this all off. Eighteen means a lot more freedom but with freedom comes consequences such as being able to go to jail and having to find your way and find out how to do things for yourself. For some this feels like you are being thrown into adulthood without and experience or knowledge from your years of schooling. 


Being eighteen can be a really scary thing and can feel extremely stressful for most you get a lot more responsibility without any real respect or trust. It can feel like they expect us to fend for ourselves but without showing us how too. So if you were to ask me and a lot of other seniors what the perks of to being eighteen was we would probably say there are none anymore.