Goodbye Writers Workshop


Kristalyn Reilly

Writers workshop is a perfect club for those students who have a passion for writing and english in general. It is a great and positive place for writers to come together create pieces, share prices and give each other some much needed advice and constructive criticism. It’s the perfect environment for young writers to bond with other students who share the same interests as them and make friends while also learning more about literature and how to improve their writing. Unfortunately for these young writers they will no longer have a place to meet next year or anyone to manage the club. Due to this the club will no longer exist next year. 


What happened ?


The club used to be a fun and joyful place where everyone with a passion for literature could meet and do something they love with other students that share their same love for literature. Mrs. Rose Brooks the previous english teacher made sure that this club was up and running in the past and she made sure that everyone felt welcome and achieved their best potential but sadly as Mrs. Rose Brooks left the club and was pushed onto the shoulders of the seniors in the club including me and others. But as we all know when we graduate the responsibility of the club with falling into the hands of Mrs. Rose Brooks replacement. 


So why no more club ?


Something that us as students will never be able to understand is the pressure of being a teacher, some of us may never know how hard it is. But because of this stress the new teacher does not feel as if she can take on the task of running the club and has said already that she is sure that there will be no more writers workshop next year unless someone else where to take it over or of course she were to have a change of heart. Although we understand that it is a lot of work to run classes all day and a club we are still saddened by the soon to end writers workshop that us writers have learned to love.