Tension In Barcelona

In recent years Fc Barcelona (Spanish soccer club) have been one of the most winning teams in Europe. Their success has extended from the domestic championship all the way to becoming champions of all of Europe.  They are not a team who has recently started becoming a winning team as they have a long history of championships and success behind them.   Barcelona, also known as Barca, have a total of 74 trophies. Some of the most prestigious ones include the 26 la Liga trophies, 13 Spanish super cup, 5 champions league and, 3 Fifa club world cup. In recent years they continue to have good sensations all the team directives have been criticized on various different occasions. There have been many reasons for why they’ve been so harshly criticized as of recent, examples of this include, Bad transfer, and wrong team management.


Barcelona has been severely criticized over recent years for a number of reasons. But one of the major reasons for this is because of bad investments in the market. Barcelona is known for producing some of the best players to ever play the sport of soccer. Their youth academy is recognized around the world as one of the best . They have produced legends such as Xavi, Puyol,  Inesta , Busquets and to many the best player in the world Lionel Messi.  Although the world of soccer hasn’t seen a generation like this since, Barcelona’s youth academy also known as la Massia are still helping young talents develop into world class players like the case of Ansu Fati whose only 17 and has an incredible potential.  Besides Ansu Fati in recent years the production of world class players from la masia has slowed down forcing Barcelona to have to spend money to bring in players who don’t always fit into Barcelona’s complex and very specific style of play.  Barca has not only made bad purchases like Philippe Coutinho who was loaned to another team after only one season due to poor performances, but has also sold players who were very crucial to the team’s success. Like the case of Neymar Jr who is currently considered as the third best player in the world by many. After buying him from Santos fc Brazilian soccer team they put a 200 million dollar release clause that seemed low as it was accessible for most rich European teams to pay off.  As expected a couple of seasons after Neymar’s purchase PSG an economic powerhouse in soccer was able to pay off the release clause and agreed terms with Brazilian soccer player Neymar to join their team in 2017,. Barcelona have also released or sold other players for a very low price to other teams who also played key roles in the team’s success. Like the in the case of Dani Alves in his time who was at the moment the best right back in the world and left the team on a free move to Italian club Juventus. Barca has been very bad at making business through the last decade and it’s been highly criticized.



Pep Guardiola is responsible for what many believe was one of the most dominating teams in Europe. His influence on the team’s ball possession and style of play was major, and contributed to team success. Successes in the form of trophies like for example 3 la ligas, 2 champion’s leagues and many others. He prioritized the ability to keep the ball and the team always had a superiority of ball position over its opponents.   Reporters would question pep on his game plan before the game and he would simply reply ‘ball possession, if we have the ball the other team can’t score and we create chances’.  As of recently barca have lost what many call the barca DNA which is the ability to dominate ball possession which allows the team to create chances and stops the opponent from having those same chances. As of recently coaches have come and gone after Guardiola announced that he would be moving to a different club for a new experience.  Since then barca have lost what once was believed to be the a beautiful style of play and although the have been as effective many fans don’t agree with the new philosophies new coaches bring to the team.