My Last 3 Years of High School

Carly Stenger, Author

    For me, freshman year is kind of a blur…but I know I didn’t like it. May 2020 (graduation) is coming quicker than I really expected it to, which is scary and exciting at the same time. Reminiscing on my last three years at Cashs, my best memories have been with my friends and getting to know people. 

     One thing that was fun for me, especially towards the beginning of my high school career, was attending the sports functions of our school. Football games, I looked forward to for the times we got to scream as loud as we could and then have sleepovers afterwards. I don’t really know much about football but I liked watching it. 

     Color Day was an event that I really enjoyed too. I remember the one year we had laser tag and that was super fun. Also, we don’t have any classes that day so that’s always something we look forward to. Plus, there’s a bunch of food to choose from that switches up our usual cafeteria food meals. 

     Most of all though, I have met some of the greatest people through CASHS. My teachers, and fellow classmates have impacted me more than I ever thought I could be impacted. These people will always have a special spot in my heart and I am so glad that high school gave them to me. 

     The point is that high school actually goes by super quick, especially senior year it seems like. So, don’t rush it! One day we will all miss these times. High school can be really stressful but it can be a lot of fun too.