Caroline Weaver
Howdy, My name is Caroline I'm a Writer and Photographer for The Scoop.

I'm a Senior at CASHS, and after graduation in 2019 I'm planning on perusing my love for photography, but I don't know what my life has in store for me, I'll figure it out along the way once I move on with my life after high school. 

A little bit about me,

-I love Horses and Dogs!

-Pizza, and Burgers are my favorite food!

-I currently am trying to create my business in Photography, if you or a friend/family member is looking for a Photographer contact me at [email protected] for more infomation, go to my Facebook Profile CcPhotography17 to schedule/look at my work. I also have a Blog I'm creating that's not quite finished yet.

-I also have my business cards with me, so don't be afraid to walk up to me, and ask for one!

-I love dank memes, and to laugh with my friends!

-Writing and Poetry is a passion of mine, but not as much as Photography!

-I'm a Christian!

-I am the Historian in FFA Club, and the President for Equestrian Club!

Caroline Weaver, Writer/Photographer

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